The Churchyard Survey

Whilst trawling through Belgrave St Peter’s records, held at Wigston Record Office, we came across an old duplicated copy of an undated and unsigned churchyard survey, some pages torn, all very heavily folded.

The details of each grave plot are numbered 1 to 269, probably the order in which the information was collected. But this gives no indication about the stones' original location in the churchyard. We believe that many of the headstones were repositioned, as part of a re-ordering in the late twentieth century. What is on the lists are the compass points to show which side of the church the grave lay on, for example, N, S, E, W, Sometimes the record shows a short description of the stone, (Cross, Marble etc.)

The survey lists the names of those interred therein, dates of death, sometimes who they were related to in the same grave, sometimes what employment they had in the case of the males along with a verse from the Bible, or hymn quotation or some are heartrending thoughts from those left behind. As soon as the survey has been fully transcribed, we will place a link to it on this page.